The dentist chair can be a very scary place, but Sonia Clesner at Family Dental Center has made an effort to decrease the fear in her younger patients.

Dear Sonia,

I guess most of your customers are nervous children visiting the dentist for the first time, however I would like to share with you how your doll helped a 40 year old smile again. My wife required an implant in one of her front teeth - tooth #9 to be exact. She became extremely anxious not only about the extraction procedure, but about the prospect of having an ugly smile. No amount of reassuring from me, her dentist or surgeon would help and the anxiety increased the closer we got to the surgery day. On the day of the surgery, I presented her with your smiling doll customized to say, "Happy Tooth #9." We had a really long an hard laugh together. I think it helped her relax before surgery and remember the fun things in life.

We are in the middle of the implant process, and there have been lots of tears, but Happy Tooth #9 helps cheer us both up.

Thank you

P.J. Kuyper

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