The Purpose of the Tooth Doll

Toothey, The Tooth Doll was created for patients to motivate, educate, and to help them feel more secure
in the dental environment.

The doll is used as a motivator to get patients to follow the Tooth Care creed.
The patients hold the doll on the first visit and are told that they will receive one on the second visit,
but they have a job to do brush 5 sides of their teeth, floss, eat healthy foods, and brush twice a day.

The program aims to create incentives for the patients to achieve excellent dental health.
There is constant reinforcement of habits and information to educate the patient about the mouth and
its importance to the body.

The program has an important benefit that as the word spreads, more people would like to get the doll
and become part of the program, so it increases the patient population to the dentist.

Tooth Care Creed

Play it Now!


I will brush my teeth two times a day,

That will help prevent the bugs of decay.

I will clean every tooth all five sides

Taking my time so plaque cannot hide.

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