The History of the Tooth Doll

The original Tooth Doll for patients was created two years ago.
I had created a larger doll as a mascot for our logo and brand.
As a result of working with Russell Teter and the staff of the Small Business Development Center of Carroll County,
I was encouraged to create smaller dolls to give to patients.

The original small tooth doll did not have two pockets on the back and did not have the tooth care creed.
It sat on the mantel in our reception room for children to pick up and play with.
A mother of an 8 year old boy requested to purchase a doll for her son because he really wanted one.
I stated that I would get back to them and let them know. I decided that the dolls would be given to patients,
not bought, and they would not receive them outright as a patient there had to be an incentive.

So I created the Tooth Care creed and then the program.
Currently, on the first visit, our patients receive the creed, toothbrush and dental floss.
They hold the doll and are told they have a job to do by following the creed.
On the second visit, they receive a doll.
On the third visit, they receive a coloring book, which is the creed illustrated with some additional tooth information

On the fourth visit, they receive a bookmark with tooth questions and answers. There are 52 different bookmarks..

Healthy habits, educational information and motivational factors are all used.
I have created a very large doll which sits on a box, has an open mouth and bean bags are tossed at the mouth.
This is used at open houses and at street festivals.

The original dolls were sewn by me. Currently, the dolls are cut out by ARC of Carroll County
and sewn by a local seamstress, Teri Robertson. Then, ARC stuffs, sews and packages the dolls.



Radio interview
WTTR Health Matters - Carroll County, MD

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